Liberty Recycling

How We Recycle​​

Recycling is at the heart of what we do with clothing


How We Recycle

Liberty collects used clothing and footwear, which are sorted and graded at our factory in Bluebell.

The graded clothes are resold at our charity shops, by independent retailers or at markets, primarily in Nigeria, Benin Rep, India and Pakistan.

Some textiles are reprocessed into products including mattresses and insulation. Surplus cotton, for the most part, discarded towels, are cut and baled into cleaning wipes for local customers including motor factors and cleaning companies.

Our 3 Step Recycling Process

Clothes are collected from our clothing banks and sorted in our factory.

Quality clothes are sorted and go on sale in our charity shops.

Unsellable clothes are recycled by repurposing them into textiles and fabrics.

Donate Your Clothes

Your clothes could help us free more people from addiction