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Over the five-year period to 2010 Liberty Recycling progressed 59 people into employment and a further 14 into mainstream education or training. Meet our team.

Liberty Recycling now employees over 65 people, and are supported by the Department of Social Protection under the Community Employment Scheme. Six former Community Employment trainees are now working directly for Liberty Recycling. The organisation aims to develop as many internal job opportunities for former trainees as possible.

The Team


Lynda Lynch

Chief Executive

 Philip Moloney

Finance and Development

Lorretta Nwafor
Management/Financial Controller

Nicola Naghten
Charity Shop Manager

Cherie McGaughran
Charity Shop Manager

Training Supervisor

Greta Keegan

Rehabilitation Supervisor

Brendan Magee

Project support Worker

Colman Ronayne

Operations Supervisors

Marion Foster/Louise Finnegan

Collections/Schools/Clothing Bank Sites

Transport Supervisor

 Tom Sheridan 

Sean's story

I was on crack for a year and finally hit rock bottom. I had a son and finally realised I was getting in too deep and had to stop or I’d miss out on his life as well.

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  • About us

  • Liberty Recycling is a clothes recycling social enterprise and charity that provides people affected by drug and alcohol use with the stability, work experience, skills and confidence needed to move into mainstream employment, training and education, all within a supportive work environment.

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