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Founder & CEO of Liberty Recycling Background

Philip Moloney.

Founder & CEO of Liberty Recycling.

Philip has moved between the twin worlds of textile recycling and the challenges of drug use all his life.

His family for generations worked in the Iveagh Market in Dublin's inner city Liberties area.

Traditionally this market was established by the Guinness family to provide low cost goods to the poor and to move the traders off the streets. His early days exposed him to learning the "rag trade" at first hand as the  Moloney family bought and sold second hand clothes and shoes in the market and indeed at markets throughout the country. His ability to assess the value of items and to identify fabric quality became a second nature skill that would later serve him well in International markets for textiles.

He worked in Coolemine Therapeutic Community from 1987-1991. Here he developed a keen sense of the challenges faced in drug rehabilitation over the three years he worked in the TC.

In 1993 he completed the Merchants' Quay Ireland Drugs  Training and worked in their High Park residential rehab for eight years. He singlehandedly developed their gym facility and led the Physical Training programmes for residents there. He is also a long distance runner.

While there he recognised the potential of the growing clothes donations being made by people to the Franciscan Friary for the AIDS, homeless and drug users attending.

He came up with the idea of combining a recycling enterprise with providing drug users with a skill training opportunity.

In 1994 with the help of FAS and MQI he set up a small sorting and grading programme in Basin Lane. Many of the early trainees were from the Liberties area and were wrestling with issues of alcohol and drug addiction.

Philips forte was in securing international outlets for selling the sorted, graded and baled clothes. He not only got customers in England, Eastern Europe and Ireland but in such far flung countries as Pakistan, Togo and Nigeria.

He led the expansion of the programme to its present factory style premises in Bluebell and oversaw the increase of trainees to 50 places.

Between 2010 and 2013 he led the restructuring of the programme to streamline a dedicated Rehabilitation programme. Since 2010 this restructure enabled 12 people becoming Drug free, 20 people moving to employment and 5 people going back to studies.

Philip still lives in Dublin city.

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  • Liberty Recycling is a clothes recycling social enterprise and charity that provides people affected by drug and alcohol use with the stability, work experience, skills and confidence needed to move into mainstream employment, training and education, all within a supportive work environment.

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