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“In 2010 the rehabilitation programme was restructured to provide a more recovery based model enabling people to reduce and eliminate their medication over time”

Liberty Recycling aims to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for people with the rehabilitation supports needed to remain free of illicit drug use and the opportunity to work towards a drug free lifestyle including detoxification from methadone and benzodiazepine. The use of a therapeutic workplace to enhance recovery and develop learning with skill acquisition is an innovative strategy.

The rehabilitation programme deals with referrals from across Dublin with a priority for those from Ballyfermot. Over 75% of trainees are affected by drugs and alcohol and are participating in the rehabilitation programme with the aim of becoming drug free.

The Rehabilitation and Training team is made up of 2 Project Workers, a Training Officer with 5 VEC tutors and 4 counselors.

Participant profile

  • 50 participants with more than 35 people in recovery from drugs and alcohol requiring support around their addiction
  • The majority of participants are stable on prescribed methadone and benzodiazepines.
  • The goal is to become medication free within 18 months using the community detox protocols
  • A number of participants are recovering from alcoholism and have recently completed residential alcohol detoxification
  • The project has a 70% retention rate

Liberty Recycling is currently taking part in the National Rehabilitation pilot hosted by the Ballyfermot Drugs Task Force.

The rehabilitation programme at Liberty Recycling is funded directly by the project.


Agencies or individuals in recovery interested in a place on the programme should contact the rehabilitation team on 01 4193999 or email Rehab@libertys.ie


Sean's story

I was on crack for a year and finally hit rock bottom. I had a son and finally realised I was getting in too deep and had to stop or I’d miss out on his life as well.

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  • Liberty Recycling is a clothes recycling social enterprise and charity that provides people affected by drug and alcohol use with the stability, work experience, skills and confidence needed to move into mainstream employment, training and education, all within a supportive work environment.

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