What We Do

Liberty Recycling is a social enterprise and drug and alcohol rehabilitation initiative involved in clothes recycling. The organisation provides employment, accredited training and rehabilitation supports to prepare those affected by drug and alcohol use for mainstream opportunities. Over 65 people are currently employed by Liberty's.

  • How We Recycle

    Liberty collects, sorts, grades and packs used clothing and footwear for reuse in clothes markets in developing countries and for reprocessing into products including mattresses and insulation. Surplus cotton material is cut and baled into cleaning wipes for local customers including Dublin Bus, motor factors and cleaning companies.

  • Our Rehabilitation Programme

    “In 2010 the rehabilitation programme was restructured to provide a more recovery based model enabling people to reduce and eliminate their medication over time”

  • Our Training Programme

    Each year Liberty's Participants gain over 100 certified training awards in subjects as diverse as forklift driving, Fetac Computer Applications and Maths, Sage Payroll and ECDL.

  • How We Collect Clothes

    Liberty Recycling collects clothes through its network of clothes recycling banks, through school and door to door collections and through service agreements with charity shops such as the Irish Cancer Society. Donations are also accepted in our charity shops on 28 lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, 7 Micheal Street Waterford City and in our recycling facility Unit D1C Bluebell Industrial Estate, Dublin 12.

  • Developing Countries

    Liberty Recycling collects, sorts, grades and packs used clothing and footwear for reuse in clothes markets in developing countries.

  • Cleaning Wipe Sales

    Liberty Recycling produces 10kilo bales of compact cleaning wipes made from recycled material. We offer two types.

Sean's story

I was on crack for a year and finally hit rock bottom. I had a son and finally realised I was getting in too deep and had to stop or I’d miss out on his life as well.

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  • About us

  • Liberty Recycling is a clothes recycling social enterprise and charity that provides people affected by drug and alcohol use with the stability, work experience, skills and confidence needed to move into mainstream employment, training and education, all within a supportive work environment.

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