How You Can Help

Liberty Recycling is dependent on the support of the public in a number of ways. We really need your unused clothes donations to generate the employment and income we need to achieve our goals. We also rely on the public to support our charity shop. We are very grateful for the volunteers in our shops and the voluntary counsellors who work as part of our rehab department.

  • Donate Your Clothes

    We are dependant on the support of the public to donate the clothes we need to generate the income we require to survive and grow. We really want your unused clothes so find out how to donate.

  • Find a Clothes Bank Near You

    Liberty continues to expand its network of recycling banks around the country. We currently operate clothes recycling banks throughout the country.

  • Visit Our Charity Shops

    The first Liberty's charity shop opened on Camden Street in October 2010. We sell quality ladies, men's and children's clothes and shoes in addition to handbags, bric-a-brac, cds, books, household items and soft toys. All income generated in the shop goes towards the cost of providing rehabilitation services. Our second charity shop opened in Michael Street, Waterford city on May 2017.

  • Volunteer With Us

    Liberty is dependent on the support of volunteers to staff our charity shop. We also require volunteer counsellors to assist with our rehabilitation programme.

Sean's story

I was on crack for a year and finally hit rock bottom. I had a son and finally realised I was getting in too deep and had to stop or I’d miss out on his life as well.

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  • About us

  • Liberty Recycling is a clothes recycling social enterprise and charity that provides people affected by drug and alcohol use with the stability, work experience, skills and confidence needed to move into mainstream employment, training and education, all within a supportive work environment.

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